Sponsorship FAQ

Can I sponsor a primary school student at KAASO?

No. The Kiwi Sponsorships at KAASO takes on students who have finished their studies at KAASO and who are unable to continue onto secondary school due to lack of funds. It is vital that sponsors are able to commit until the end of a child’s education, so to take on a primary school student would be to commit to up to 15 years of sponsorship – which is too much to ask. We focus instead on helping students get through secondary and vocational schools. If you wish to help support KAASO, rather than sponsoring a primary student, you can donate to income-generating projects at KAASO such as the piggery or poultry projects. 

Why is this a 6-7 year commitment?

This is how long it takes to finish four years of secondary school and then a vocational course (2-3 years). It is hugely important for sponsors to commit to the full duration of a student’s schooling otherwise it can be very damaging. Not only do the students feel like they have somehow ‘failed’ and let their sponsors down, it can also be dangerous for Dominic and Rose – no one in the village believes that a western sponsor could be unable to pay, so disgruntled guardians can accuse Dominic and Rose of stealing the money. Hence we would rather have no sponsorships than discontinued ones. 

Can I discontinue my sponsorship?

No! For the reasons listed above, to discontinue a sponsorship is worse than never sponsoring at all so please think long and hard before making this commitment. 

Can I meet my sponsor student?

Absolutely! Anyone is welcome to come to KAASO and Rose would happily organise a meeting with your sponsor child – either at their school or home village, depending on the time of year and when your visit lies within the school term. 

What does the money cover?

School fees, boarding costs, meals, uniforms, books, basic medical care, school requirements – basically everything a student needs to live at school for a year. 

Can I continue supporting my student after the 6 years?

Of course – but there is no obligation. We aim to bring up self-reliant, resourceful students who are able to make their own way after graduating from their vocational courses. Some sponsors instead choose to sponsor a second student once the first has graduated. 

How do I keep in touch with my sponsored student?

You can write letters to your sponsored student and post them to Rose at KAASO who will pass them along to your student. You are also welcome to send small packages but please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for guidelines on what to send. 

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