Fun Facts

KAASO is located in the Buganda Kingdom, the home of the Baganda, who speak Luganda in Uganda. Now say that fast....

Did you know there is no word for ‘hello’ in Luganda? Every greeting has a built-in ‘how are you?’

What does KAASO stand for? KAASO is an acronym for the Kabira Adult Attention and School for Orphans.

A boda boda is a motorbike taxi. Almost every motorbike you see can be a boda, depending on if the driver feels like picking you up.

There are no surnames in Uganda which means that children do not have the same last names as their parents. They have a clan name (chosen from a list of names set for each clan) and a ‘christian’ name. Clan names are always said first.

It’s perfectly normal for men to walk around holding hands in Uganda, although any other public display of affection will be hard to see, and there there is a real lack of tolerance for homosexuality.

Uganda has the world's youngest population with over 78% under 30 years of age.


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