KAASO has been welcoming volunteers since 2006 – and many of those volunteers have come back again and again. Volunteering at KAASO is not just a one-off experience, it is to become part of a unique community, a school and a family. You simply cannot come to KAASO and not be moved by the spirit, tenacity, determination and hope of the people. It is an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

We invite self-motivated, forward-thinkers with open minds to KAASO. Your duties will not be handed to you – there is no set format, no text book. With respect, empathy, and personal motivation, you can find your own unique way to make a difference.

Our very first volunteers came to KAASO through Kids Worldwide, a volunteer organisation with a difference – they charge no admin fees and ensure that all funds go directly to the projects in-country. To this day, Kids Worldwide is still “run by volunteers for volunteers”, a philosophy we have continued at KAASO. While we now accept volunteers directly through our own website, we are forever grateful for the guidance and support we received in the early days with Kids Worldwide, helping to launch KAASO onto the world stage and inspiring us to create our own ethical and meaningful volunteer experience.

What can you do at KAASO?


English, Maths, Computers, Science, Social Studies. Whatever you specialise in.

Skilled Work

We need carpenters, plumbers, electricians, agricultural specialists, vets, nurses, doctors, dentists.

Teacher Education

We invite education professionals to help train and upskill our teachers.


Assist the school matrons in taking care of younger students.

Sports, Music, Art

If you love any of these – come teach them. No formal training required.

Library & Computer Lab

Teach computers to both students and teachers. Organise the library and encourage students to read.

Community Entrepreneurship

Come help inspire and create projects that will empower the community.

Just Show Up

Sing a song, read a book, play a game. The children will be so happy to just spend time with you.

Living at the school

During your time at KAASO, you’ll be living in the volunteer house – see tour video. The house has solar power in the evenings for lights and charging devices

All meals are provided and you will eat within the school grounds with Dominic and Rose at their house. Breakfast is casual and usually around 9am. Lunch and dinner are more substantial and served around 1pm and 9pm. The village of Kabira is just across the road and has basic supplies.

With limited connectivity to the outside world, we encourage you to bring books for the evenings, or spend them teaching classes or just hanging out with the children and the KAASO family.

Volunteer testimonials


“I have travelled to many places around the world and there are few places I feel so at home. I will never be able to thank you enough for all the wonderful things I have experienced while here. My life has been endlessly affected by the people of KAASO and I’m constantly inspired by what happens here. I love you with all of my heart and I carry you with me around the world. Even before I leave, I’m looking forward to the next visit. Keep making the world a better place!”


“The ripple effect of KAASO in the community is growing daily. I was lucky enough to witness the pride in the eyes of women who can now feed their families thanks to their piggery projects, the amazement of an HIV positive student who was told she would be sponsored, the intellectual curiosity of the teachers. I hope I will carry even a small piece of your humility, love and joy with me as I depart. I arrived a stranger and I leave a daughter, a student, a teacher and a friend.” 



“My visit to KAASO was only brief, but really made an impact on my life. I’ll never forget arriving on the highly anticipated school bus, having to stop on the road as hundreds of people ran towards us. The appreciation and gratitude everyone showed throughout my stay was something I’ve never experienced. The work you are all doing is incredible and I hope to come back soon. Thank you so much for everything you do.”



“I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to experience such an inspiring school. The teachers are all so incredible and the children are absolutely adorable with such a passion for learning and school, it’s remarkable to see. Delivering the bus was life-changing for me – I have never seen people more grateful. Thank you again for welcoming me into your world!  Spending time with you all was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.”



“Thank you so much for making my trip so special. What you are doing here is amazing and I have so much respect for you all. It was great to finally put your smiling faces to the names I have heard so much about. Thank you for welcoming me into your family. Keep in touch and I look forward to seeing you next time!” 



“The two and a half months I have spent with you all have been an absolute dream. Dominic and Rose, words cannot even begin to explain the admiration I have for you both. What you have built within the village of Kabira is nothing short of incredible. Your determination and ongoing dedication continue to pay off and I hope that I can help you with your future ventures here at KAASO. Thank you for hosting me on this wonderful adventure, there is nowhere else you can feel as welcome as here at KAASO.”


One of the best things about volunteering at KAASO is that there are no administrative costs. KAASO is dedicated to putting all money possible toward supporting education. To that end, we charge minimal fees which cover volunteers’ food and board, and in the first 3 months, include a built-in donation to the project of your choice at the school.

Additional Costs: flights, travel, and health insurance, visa, vaccinations, etc. These may vary based on your location, but volunteers pay their own way. See FAQ for more details.

*The School Director will pick you up from the airport and transport you back to KAASO.

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