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Volunteer at a rural Uganda primary school. Placements available for all ages, skills and durations. Make your dream of volunteering in Africa a reality at KAASO.
KAASO was started by the community in 1999 and is accepting volunteers now!

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Projects include the community empowerment group, adult literacy group, library and computer lab, micro-loan scheme, piggery and maize mill (and more!). If you are worried that wont keep you busy, there are always 650 kids to entertain!

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With KAASO's support, most children are able to attend primary school, but many are left helpless after graduation. By sponsoring a child, you will not only help them succeed at KAASO, but also ensure they are able to continue on to secondary education and a brighter future.

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A little goes a long way. Donate now to a specific project; sponsor a child; or make a one off donation. Every penny goes straight to KAASO. Your donations will work alongside money raised by the local community and international organisations, such as Rotary International.

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African safaris and adventures await all intrepid travellers! Partner your volunteer experience with Gorilla trekking, or a visit to one of Uganda's national parks to see lions, elephants and hippos in their natural habitat. Or explore further afield to neighbouring Tanzania, Kenya or Rwanda.